Part composer....Part explorer


Over thirty years and eleven visits to the Mayan region, American composer

Jeremy Haladyna has ventured ever more deeply into the magic and mystery

of Maya culture, and given something back in the form of his unique body of

work,  THE MAYAN CYCLE.    Spanning media and genre from music for

a single instrument,  to voice,  to computer,  to DVD-audio,  to full orchestra,

this wide variety of pieces seeks to address everything from the most ancient

roots of Mayan cosmology to contemporary Mayan political struggles.

Composer Jeremy Haladyna summits the pyramid of Kukulcán at Chichen Itzá, Yucatan in August 2005.

"The Descent of Kukulcán,"  Mayan cycle no. 21, encodes the architectural features of this marvel in stone, as well as its cultural symbolism.

Its special focus is the descent of Kukulcán's shadow, in seven segments, down the staircase...a phenomenon seen at each equinox.




of Jeremy Haladyna (work dated 1986--)

1.    Quoth the Jade Mask   cello, piano

2.    El Llanto de Izamal   viola, piano

3.    En la Estera del Chilam Balam   amplified flute (C or G)
       (On the Mat of the Jaguar Priest)

4.    The Oracle of 13 Sky   soprano, small chorus, pno., organ,
       electronic playback, instrumental ensemble

5.    Puczikal Petén   [Spanish version]  computerized fixed media with narration
       (Hearts of Yucatán)  [English version]

6.    Zaquico'xol   Eb tpt., organ
       (A Red Dwarf Tends the Volcano)

7.    The Maya Curse Pedro de Alvarado   piano quintet

8.    Jaguar Poems    sopr., Pierrot ens.+ 1 perc. (chamber vers.)
       or,  sopr., piano (piano vers.)

9.     Aluxes!   2 picc., piano resonance

10.   The Crystal Skull of Lubaantun    fixed media electronics

     LISTEN to the Crystal Skull interpreted in notes based on the Mayan Calendar!

11.   Mam Se Mueve   horn (+conch shell)/pno.

12.   Pok-ta-Pok    2-pno. version
        version for large orchestra

13.   Copal     7 instruments plus concertato harpsichord

14.   The Vision Serpent   piano solo

15.   Precious First-Rat     alto flute, celesta

16.   Motmot   flute, alto flute, metronome

17.   Chalchihuites   solo cello

18.   2012   solo horn, electronic delay and efx

      LISTEN to the "2012 theme," heralding the end of the Fourth Creation in the year 2012! [Steve Gross, horn, w/processing]

19.   Monster Owls   2-ch. stereo CD, 4-ch. DVD-A

20.   Godpots (Ollas)   3 fl., doubling picc., alto fl. and ocarinas or, 4 fl., doubling picc., alto fl., bass fl. and ocarinas

21.   The Descent of Kukulcan   bsn. solo, bari sax, amplified hpschd.,
        vibraphone, percussion (drumkit, accessories)

22.   Zapatismo!    double chorus, SATB + SATB;
        2 gte. parts (doubled), marimba, castanets
        3 graduated toms, maracas

23.   Yaxuun [Raxóm, mystical bird]   solo piano

24.   Demon Zero   4-track DVD-A  [or 2-tr. CD-R] plus solo stereo scratch tracks

25.   Tollan  [I. Place of the Reeds, II. Snake Mountain].   oboe and pipe organ

26.  Only Armadillos They Danced    string quartet plus (live) scratch turntable

27.   Xtaj [Lust Woman] or, La Llorona  amplified piano solo, with piano harp efx

28a.  Xunaan Balam [Jaguar Woman]   amplified soprano,  piano
28b. Xunaan Balam [Jaguar Woman]  amplified soprano, 2 percussion, piano

29.   The Princess of the 9 Cave   fixed media:  soprano, 4-hand marimba, electronic tracks,
        2-track and 4-track versions

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Jeremy Haladyna in the monster mouth at Chicanná, Campeche state, MX...treasure of the Rio Bec style.  July, 2008 [photo by Dutch tourist]