of Jeremy Haladyna (work dated 1986--)


30.    Lost: White Dog (Sak Tz'i)   flute, pipe organ, ritual drumming

31.    Maya Zodiac    fixed media, using soprano voice and indigenous instruments;
         unites 3 original Mayan calendar scales.   2-channel and 8-channel versions.  

32.    Conjuring the Fat Man     baritone sax, piccolo, pipe organ, 2 percussion  

33.   8000 Gods Half Diminished    fixed media, with Mayascale.
        ocarinas, environmental sound, indigenous instruments

34.   Organ Sonata (Maximón)     pipe organ with optional scratch CD turntable          
      (1 player

A seated lord with hat, Campeche Stelae Museum, 9/17 (photo by J.H.)






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Obtaining Scores and Recordings

One of Calakmul's amazing jade masks, preserved at the Fuerte San Miguel   in Campeche  (photo 9/17, J.H.)


A supplicating censer taken at the Fuerte San Miguel museum,      ciudad de Campeche   [photo by Jeremy Haladyna, 9/17]