of Jeremy Haladyna (work dated 1986--)


30.    Lost: White Dog (Sak Tz'i)   flute, pipe organ, ritual drumming

31.    Maya Zodiac    fixed media, using soprano voice and indigenous instruments;
         unites 3 original Mayan calendar scales.   2-channel and 8-channel versions.  

32.    Conjuring the Fat Man     baritone sax, piccolo, pipe organ, 2 percussion  

33.   8000 Gods Half Diminished    fixed media, with Mayascale.
        ocarinas, environmental sound, indigenous instruments

34.   Organ Sonata (Maximón)     pipe organ with optional scratch CD turntable          
         (1 player)

35.   She the Rainbow Mother, Her the Wanton Moon   english horn/piano,  oboe/piano.                         Designed for one player, but 2 movements may be performed separately.   

A seated lord with hat, Campeche Stelae Museum, 9/17 (photo by J.H.)
Vertigo at Xtampak
seated Campeche elite                                                                                                                       

                                                                Mayan head                                                


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Campeche censer                                                                            

A supplicating censer taken at the Fuerte San Miguel museum,      ciudad de Campeche   [photo by Jeremy Haladyna, 9/17]


  Giant Mayan head photographed at the San Antonio Museum
  of Art;  representation of the Maize God  [photo by J.H., 12/19]