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The famous pattern on the frieze of The Governor's Palace, Uxmal, composed of thousands of pieces of cut stone.  Translated into music, it figures at the opening of Jeremy Haladyna's setting of a text from "The Books of Chilam Balam,"  The Oracle of 13 Sky. [Mayan Cycle #3 ] [photo by J.H.]


 Jeremy standing in a recently uncovered arch in the archaeological site of San Gervasio
 on the island of Cozumel, MX.  Through here, pilgrims arrived from the mainland.

San Gervasio arch                                                                                                                                                                 

Click here for the patterns of this famous frieze turned into music!

Mayan Cycle News


release:      April 2, 2021: release of POK-TA-POK, 3rd Mayan Cycle CD on Centaur

release:     February 29, 2012:  formal release of 2nd CD, "Mayan Time/Mayan Tales," on innova

distinction: 1st compilation, "Selections from the Mayan Cycle" receives Grammy nod and wide range
              of broadcasts on domestic and international outlets.

release:     July 14, 2009: pre-release of integral Mayan Cycle CD on innova

                             Concerts/Broadcast Highlights (newest at bottom)                                          

touring:    Electronic all-J.H. concert at MIAM, Istanbul Technical Univ., 22 May 2009.
               featuring Monster Owls, Demon Zero, and The Crystal Skull of Lubaantun.

               "Song of Vanilla from Jaguar Poems by soprano Aylin Yagcioglu at ITU MIAM
               in "Turkish and American Composers Symposium," 21 May 2009

premiere:  "Only Armadillos They Danced," 2 December 2008.  UC Santa Barbara, Young Artists
               String Quartet with Jeremy Haladyna, scratch turntable.   

touring:    "Godpots" [for 3] in Noe Valley Chamber Series, San Francisco by Areon Flutes.  November 9, 2008.

premiere:   New "Godpots" version for 4  [with shaman on bass flute] premieres at 35th Fischoff Chamber Music Competition,
                Notre Dame University.   Figures in bronze-medal-winning performance;  congrats to Areon Flutes!!   May 11, 2008.

premiere:   "Tollan," both sections [Place of the Reeds, Snake Mountain]; April 23rd, 2008 in UCSB's Primavera Festival of
                 new music, art and digital media.   Michele Forest, oboe;  Jeremy Haladyna, pipe organ.               

premiere:  "Demon Zero" January 19, 2007.  Jeremy Haladyna scratching with DVD-A at the Pescadrome, downtown Santa Barbara.

premiere: "The Descent of Kukulcan" June 6, 2006.   Andrew Radford (as Kukulcan), James Willcox, Matthew Talmage, Tim Beutler,
                Jeremy Haladyna--at UC Santa Barbara                          

premiere: "Votán Zapata" from Zapatismo!,  February 25, 2006.  Ivan Sotelo-Durán, baritone, with J.H. in Sotelo-Durán's graduation

premiere:  Yaxuun, November 22, 2005,  Jeremy Haladyna, piano, at UC Santa Barbara   

touring:     Godpots, September 29, 2007 at Carnegie (Weill) Hall, New York, NY, by Areon Flutes (C. Boruch, C. Townsend, E. Noble)

broadcast:  Precious First Rat, Demon Zero, Puczikal Peten on Radio Horizon, 93.9, Johannesburg, S. AFRICA (September and December 2009)

broadcast:  Puczikal Peten on RTR-FM, 92,1, Perth, Western AUSTRALIA, 4 March, 2010

broadcast:  selections, innova 818, on "La Nuit des Sauriens," FM 90.1, Sens, FRANCE,  March-April 2012

broadcast:  The Princess of the 9 Cave, CHRW-FM, 94.9, London, Ontario, CANADA  3 April, 2012

touring:   Godpots, (version for 3), in "Guest Artist Series," Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Areon Flutes, 22 September, 2012

touring:     En la Estera del Chilam Balam, flutist Asako Arai in CONACULTA/INBA concert at Centro Nacional de las Artes, D.F. MEXICO,
                27 June, 2013

broadcasts: Precious First Rat with Lisa-Maree Amos, WQXR Q2 Music, New York, NY, June and July 2013

broadcast:  Xtaj, with Jeremy Haladyna on piano w/efx, WNUR-FM, 89.3, Chicago IL, 7 December, 2013

touring:     Godpots featuring Areon Flutes, at the Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA in the series "Switchboard Presents,"  16 May, 2014

premiere:  Maya Zodiac, fixed media featuring soprano Allison Bernal in: "Waveforms," CREATE series at UC Santa Barbara, 19 November, 2014.
                (This represents the first use of all 3 Mayan calendar-derived scales in a single work.)

broadcast:  Only Armadillos They Danced, Young Artists String Quartet UCSB with J. Haladyna, turntablist, KZSU, 90.1, Stanford, CA
                27 October, 2015

touring:    Aluxes! with Jill Felber, Claudia Anderson & Dianne Frazer, in the 44th Annual Convention, Natl. Flute Assoc., San Diego CA
               11 August, 2016

broadcast:  Only Armadillos They Danced, WRTI HD 2, 90.1, Philadelphia, PA, 29 April 2017, on program "Lounge Lizards"

completed: 8000 Gods Half-Diminished (The Carving of Stela 31, Tikal) --in 2 & 8-channel versions, May 2017

touring:    Aluxes! by ZAWA! (J. Felber, C. Anderson) in Festival Internacional de Flautistas en el Centro del Mundo, Quito ECUADOR
               7 June, 2017

premiere:  Organ Sonata (Maximón), by Jeremy Haladyna in ECM, "The Thing Possessed," UC Santa Barbara, CA  30 May, 2018

premiere:  She the Rainbow Mother/Her the Wanton Moon, by Gabrielle Castriotta english horn/oboe, J.H. piano. UCSB 31 May, 2019

touring:    Aluxes! with Jill Felber, Claudia Anderson & Tim Carey, in "XI Festival Internacional de Flautas," San José COSTA RICA, 3 July, 2019


Mayan Cycle Scores:

Jeremy Haladyna retains control of The Mayan Cycle in order to keep it undivided.  He is
happy to provide scores and, where available, reference recordings on an at-cost basis to all
those interested.  Please email him for details by using the link on these pages.


Commercial Releases of Cycle Items:

POK-TA-POK,  released on Centaur, April 2021

MAYAN TIME/MAYAN TALES, released on Innova 818, 2012 

Selections from THE MAYAN CYCLE,   released on Innova 754, 2009  [see 1st release page, or innova ]

En la Estera del Chilam Balam:  first released on NEUMA 450-94,  Jill Felber, amplified flute

Aluxes! : released on NEUMA 450-101,  Jill Felber & Claudia Anderson, piccolos with Jeremy Haladyna


Mysterious face snapped by Jeremy at the embarcadero, Chunyaxché, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Half overgrown, its two peering eyes suddenly confront one at the end of a rain forest trek.


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